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How to Increase the Speed of Pool Shots

The speed of a shot over a pool table may not be as important as the accuracy of the shot and the angle of contact,but it does play a very significant role in moving the object balls properly. Certain pool tables, especially the ones which are found in public areas like bars or restaurants use a coarser pool table felt, as the surface is lasts much longer than finer cloth. Rougher pool tablefelts generate more friction against the movement of the pool balls, making the speed of a shot a necessary addition.

Technique practice

Before you start to increase the speed of your shot, make sure that you get your movement right. Your cue stick needs to slide naturally and connect with the cue ball without imparting an unnecessary spin or jump. Also, a heavier cue stick reduces the the finer control you have over the ball, but gives a stronger shot, because it is driving it’s own momentum into the cue ball. Your aiming should also be very good before you practice speeding up as it generally suffers when trying to hit a powerful shot.

Weight transfer

Transferring the weight of your body into your shot can tremendously increase the speed of the cue ball, regardless of how much force you can generate in your arms. This means that you do not have to be well built to hit a powerful shot across the pool table. There are many methods of using your body weight in your pool shot. Some players may rock back and forth, transferring the weight of their body from the back leg to the front while they are about to make contact with the cue ball.

Use the hips

A better technique would be to swivel the hip into the shot as it allows you to aim better, but it is also harder to perform because of the flexibility it requires. You would need to grip the cue stick farther back and allow it to travel for a longer time before it makes contact with the cue ball. Once you master the technique you should be able to break the rack and perform other powerful shots with much more ease.

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