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Table tennis is an extremely popular game and there are hundreds of thousands of table tennis players of varying skill levels all around the world. And each one of those players are developing their own style according to their physical abilities. The more players you face off over a table tennis table, the more experience you will gather about best shots and strategies, which is why you need to regularly face unknown opponents. The following guide will point out what you need to pay attention to while playing an unknown player.

Take charge of the game: If your primary intention is to win the game, build a strategy that involves making good use of serves. Remember that your opponent is trying to read you just as much as you are trying to read him or her. Focus on how you receive and return shots as this will give you more control of the game.

Keep your strengths hidden: If you are trying to gather experience from the game instead of trying to win, it is best to keep your favorite shots to yourself. Experienced players generally use the first few rounds to read the opponent’s strategies, which can be used against them later on in the game.

Use variety: As you and your opponent are trying to adjust to the unique techniques used by each other, an experienced player uses variety in spins, placement and pace of the game so that the opponent’s weak and strong points become apparent. Build a strategy that involves progressing from the easiest shots to the most difficult to gather how skilled your opponent is. Ensure that you test their skill on both sides of the table and at different speeds.

Amateur players who are undergoing serious training for table tennis generally use orthodox moves while more skilled players are comfortable using unusual moves and unique strategies which work well with their strengths. Regardless of how much practice you have, it is always beneficial to play against an unknown opponent as you stand a good chance to learning something new about the game.

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