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Foosball tables are not only seen in bars and arcade rooms, but also in professional tournaments, inspiring a much larger group of dedicated players. This means that there are many Foosball players who can perform advanced moves, so you have a high chance of playing against such opponents when you frequent Foosball game rooms. The following guide will show you how to execute one of the most basic and effective shots in Foosball, the spray shot.

The shot:
The spray shot is when you hit the Foosball ball at a diagonal angle which makes it difficult for amateur and beginner players to defend it effectively. It is also extremely unpredictable as minor changes in the angle and force of the shot influences the path of the ball. If executed properly, the spray shot can open up many types of moves that can be used throughout the game.

Set-up and execution:
The set-up of a spray shot is similar to that of a straight shot as you would require the ball to be in the control of your Foosball men. The major difference is that you need to allow the Foosball man to contact the ball at an angle instead of a directly perpendicular hit.

Practice and opportunity:
The spray shot makes the ball travel at an angled path which is hard for a beginner to defend. Spray shots are best used with the offense bar to shoot towards the goal as it is difficult for your opponent to predict the path of the ball. When practicing, try to master the spray shot at a certain angle instead of a wide range as it is extremely difficult to develop accuracy n a spray shot.

Although the spray shot adds an element of uncertainty in your offense strategy, it is also very difficult to control. That is why beginners are advised to learn to shoot straight pull or push shots instead. It is best to use this move to add variety into the game and mislead an opponent who is trying to read your gameplay.

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