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Pool has been popular amongst people of all ages since many years. Although professional games have standardised equipment, personal game rooms sometimes see the addition of customised pool tables, cue sticks, balls and other equipment. Given below are five unique pool table designs from around the world:

Glass pool table
Standard pool tables require the use of a green felt as the play area, but Nottage Design created a pool table that has a surface made out of toughened glass. The G-1 pool table model has a futuristic design and a fully visible ball return system.

Shelby Mustang pool table
For someone who has a love for muscle cars, the 1965 Mustang pool table is a perfect purchase. The table has rubber tires, alloy rims, working “headlights” and a white and blue paint-job!

Fusion pool table
The fusion pool table is unique because of its extreme functionality as it can be used as a pool table and a dinner table when needed. People who own small living spaces will find this table to be a smart investment.

Interactive pool table
Traditional pool tables use materials like wood and cloth to offer great gameplay, but what happens when you add some cutting edge electronics to it? The interactive pool table called “Cuelight” by Obscura Digital comes with a fully interactive play area powered by projections and animations.

Banana pool table
The banana-shaped pool table created by Cleon Daniel has a play area shaped like a giant banana, complete with a bright yellow felt. It has only four holes, and it is definitely not anywhere close to standard pool tables, but gives you the opportunity to enjoy a surreal pool playing experience!

With the huge popularity of pool games, many designers are coming up with interesting and innovative pool tables. Although these may be difficult to find, it will be well worth the effort if you think it fits in with your indoor theme perfectly!

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