Table tennis is played and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of amateurs and professionals worldwide, and the number of enthusiasts is only increasing! With such a large prevalence of table tennis, some creative designers have created table tennis tables that are quite unusual. Given below are five such tables from all over the world:

Ping Pond Table
The Ping Pond Table was designed by Gabriel Orozco, a Mexican designer. The table has four playing sides with a water hazard right in the middle instead of a net! The water gives an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Cylindrical table tennis
French designer Perbos, who is famous for his quirky designs, took the standard design of a table tennis table and incorporated skate-boarding designed to it! The cylindrical table tennis is probably the only playable one in his collection of tables inspired from half-pipes and ramps!

Ping Pong Go-Round
The Ping Pong Go-Round is an installation at Singapore Art Museum which allows a large number of players to play simultaneously. As this is open to the public, visitors of all ages enjoy a game on this unique table tennis table.

Metro Station Table
One of the metro stations in Paris, France has a table tennis table right over an old entrance to the station, which is playable by anyone who is ready for a game of table tennis in public!

Table tennis table for the 2012 London Olympics
Perhaps the most playable and most popular entry in this list is the table which was designed specifically for the London Olympics of 2012 that incorporates the Olympic rings in its design.

There are plenty of other unusual table tennis tables crafted by designers and enthusiasts around the world and although some of them may not be as playable as a standard table, they get points for being imaginative and interesting!

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