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The fast pace and easy to understand rules of foosball has made the game popular in most parts of the world, inspiring artists, designers and enthusiasts to come up with imaginative designs. Given below are a list of five foosball tables that go beyond the ordinary designing standards to offer players a unique experience

Combined coffee table and foosball table
Placing a large slab of glass over the play area can make a foosball table a functional coffee table! The hybrid table was crafted in England by Howard Bushell, inspired by four-sided coffee tables.

Good vs. Evil foosball table
The Good vs. Evil foosball table, designed by Eleven Forty, features eleven historical and fictional good characters and bad characters facing off each other, in football jerseys. Characters include Hitler, Caligula, Lady Macbeth, Flash Gordon, Santa Claus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi!

“Star Kick” foosball table
The “Star Kick” foosball table is a machine that was created jointly by adp Gauselmann GmbH and the University of Freiburg’s Institute of Computer Science. It allows players to essentially play foosball against a computer!

Real and Virtual hybrid foosball table
This unique table connects players of the virtual world, Second Life to physical Foosball players by making the table seem like a full-sized football stadium complete with players! The objective of physical players is to knock the avatars of opposing team members instead of controlling the ball.

Inflatable human foosball
Perhaps the most ludicrous entry in this list, the inflatable human foosball game is not actually a table, but it does connect real people to each other using chains or rods, allowing them to play like foosball men!

Although such tables do not offer the kind of playability as standard tables do, they provide a unique experience to everyone who has the opportunity to try them out! With the popularity of Foosball increasing every day, more and more of such imaginative designs are created for art and entertainment.

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