Most amateur players experience some days when they seem invincible over the air hockey table while some other days, the easiest shots by the opponent gets past them. Although it is natural to make mistakes every now and then, training in air hockey is primarily done to achieve some consistency in the game. The following guide will help you improve your consistency so that you are confident of how you will perform against your opponents.

Get the right equipment
A major mistake that most amateur players make is believing that “it’s not about the equipment”. Of course the skill of a player is what sets him or her apart, but without having reliable equipment, it becomes very difficult to focus on improving consistency and accuracy. Invest in a good air hockey table and use the right size of puck and paddles, clean and maintain it regularly so that it works like it is supposed to.

Practice slow and gradually increase speed
Small variations in angle and power of a shot shows an amplified effect on the puck. Instead of focusing on the speed of your shot and reducing your reaction time, practice to improve the accuracy. It is best to practice for accuracy alone as you will need to repeatedly try a single type of shot to master it.

Focus on the game
No matter how much experience you have over the air hockey table, if you do not focus on the game, your opponent has a huge advantage over you. Try to reduce ambient noise such as music or noise from a nearby television and keep conversations to a minimum. Push away all the other distractions from your mind and try to read your opponent’s strategy as you play.

Practicing regularly and with persistence is the key towards building consistency over the air hockey table so make sure that you maintain a strict schedule of practice. Also, it is wise to plan beforehand which shots you will be working on during your practice sessions so that your time will be structured.

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