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Todd Loffredo is a veteran Foosball player who hails from America. He was born in Columbus, Ohio on 17th August 1961. He is considered as the greatest American table hockey player. He is well-known for his pull shot although he is the most versatile all-rounder the sport has ever seen.

Early career

This table footballer came into light when he won his first world title in Open Doubles at the 1977 World Championships in St. Louis. He was 17 and partnered another Colorado native Gil Jackson. He was a forward position expert for Scotty Wydman winning two consecutive world titles in 1994 and 1995 at the annual Dallas event.


He has feathered 75 major titles in his career so far. This includes 28 individual world championships on 5 different foosball tables. He switched to goalie position in 1998 with Belgian partner Frederic Collignon. This pair has won 12 out of 15 Tornado world doubles played till date. They have won 20 major championships in total which makes them the greatest team the sport has ever seen. Their performance on Garlando and TecBall foosball tables are memorable. Loffredo has won 13 titles as a forward and 15 world titles as a goalie. His recent win in 2012 world championship was an incredible comeback after 35 years with his last win in 1977.

Playboy life

Being a Professional foosball player in 70’s era was nothing short of a celebrity life. Todd Loffredo won his first foosball championship in 1976. There were many million-dollar tours and cocaine parties to follow. A world championship was synonymous with owning a Porsche and a doubles title would mean a pair of matching Corvettes. There were girls who were interested in playing with the champions. They were indeed asked to sign a contract before they could try playing. This was of course on a lighter note.

Be it singles or doubles, forward or goalie, Loffredo is an undisputed master of the game. At the age of 53, he is still a threat to the young lads. With a career of more than three and a half decades, his game management skills are considered to be the best. He is tutoring online at answering questions by curious foosball learners.

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