Foosball Practice Drills

Foosball games are fast paced and highly entertaining. Most beginners who see professional players in action are excited about learning their most spectacular shots. But having expertise on the basics is far more important than mastering a single, elaborate shot. In the long run, if you are not able to defend against basic attack moves, you will end up losing many games. The practice drills given below will give you an idea of where you need to pay attention.

Learn your passes

A player who is able to pass the ball between the men on a Foosball table with almost a hundred percent accuracy always has a much greater chance of winning against other players. Most beginners tend to only focus on hitting towards the goal. Instead, practice passing the ball back and forth between your offence bar and your defence bar so that you can convert a successful defence into an opportunity.

Practice intercepting an angle shot

Linear shots are relatively intuitive and easy to master. Angled shots, on the other hand, require a good degree of skill. Most beginners who practice these shots only focus on the attacking aspect. That means, when your opponent uses an angled shot against you, you are unable to gain possession of the ball even if you successfully defend it. Practice receiving an angled shot without losing the ball to the opponent and your defence becomes much stronger.

Focus on speed and accuracy

Many times, beginners practice shots slowly and then gradually increase the speed of their movement, until they realise that certain shots can only be performed fast. Do not sacrifice speed for accuracy during your practice sessions, as it will leave you defenceless when playing against a faster opponent. Practice each shot fast and keep building your accuracy with each repeat, until you master it.

Having a well-rounded skill set is more helpful over a Foosball table than mastering an elaborate shot. It is important to be patient during your practice sessions and increase the control you have over the ball so that you can hold your ground when facing off against an opponent.

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