How to Perform the 3-2-1 on the Pool Table

Pool table trick shots generally require a considerable amount of skill and practice, not to mention the effort which you need to take to set it up carefully. Pool trick shots are not very helpful in an actual game of pool, which is why spending hours on a pool table does not guarantee that you will be able to perform them. Some shots, however, are very easy to perform, and can be used in the practice sessions of a beginner. The 3-2-1 is one such trick shot that can be performed on a pool table.

The Intention

The 3-2-1 requires you to shoot three balls in such a way that they all go into the same corner pocket, in the reverse order of your strokes. That means, the first ball you hit needs to be the last one to enter the pocket, and the last ball you hit needs to be pocketed first.

The setup

You do not need to use a cue ball for this shot. Take three object balls and place all of them on the headstring so that they have equal distances between themselves. To make the shot look spectacular, you will need to pocket all three balls in a far corner pocket, in such a way that the ball closest to the pocket enters it last.

The execution

Use very little strength on your first shot as you will need plenty of room for the other two balls. You may even skim the ball off the long rail so that you have some margin of error, but it is better to practice allowing the ball to travel straight into the pocket. The second ball you hit needs medium strength while the last ball would have to be hit with all your might.

While practising, ensure that none of these balls touch each other as they move towards the pocket. You will need to have a wider range of speed control to make sure that all the balls have enough room. With some practice, you will be able to improve your control over the balls, allowing you to use more balls and make the trick even more spectacular!

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