Most games are very competitive. That’s pretty much the point of any sport or game. One of many such competitive games is Foosball. It’s got a strict set of rules to be followed and obviously, players are expected to stick to them.
However, apart from the usual rules, it is also necessary to follow certain etiquette when playing certain games. So, the next time you play on a Foosball table, make sure you follow the etiquette, as well as the rules. Here is a brief guide to help you out.
Respect the Coin Flip Results at the Beginning of a Game
A coin is usually flipped to determine which team begins the game. Though, you might not like this, it is considered decent to play by this arrangement. So, stop complaining and let the coin flip winner start the game.
Choose a Side and Stick to It
As a Foosball player you need to stick with your decision. This is something that specially applies to the whole “choose which side of the table to play the game on” process. So, once you choose a side, don’t change. This will only interrupt the game and annoy everybody else.
Stop Cursing!
It may be okay to use foul language at other sports or games. However, it is considered rude in Foosball. Try to promote the spirit of healthy competition by avoiding the use of foul words and signs. In fact, it might even get you disqualified at certain Foosball events.
Do Not Touch the Ball During Play
There are times when you can touch the ball and when you cannot. For instance, you can touch it when retrieving it from the goal and placing it back in the game. However, never touch it when the game is already going on. Leave that to the Foosball men.
Serve Only When Your Opponent is Ready
Don’t try to be a smart Alec by serving the ball when your opponent isn’t expecting it. Wait till the official blows his/her whistle. Even if there isn’t an official to monitor things, be courteous and wait till your opponent is visibly prepared.

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