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Games to Play on a Ping Pong Table

A table tennis table or a ping pong table can be used to play a variety of simple, innovative games which would improve your table tennis skill. These games would also help break he monotony of playing the classical table tennis, when you get bored by it. Besides, as these games require you to use table tennis equipment to make shots which you would normally not make in a table tennis game, you would even improve your ball control.

Table tennis basketball

Table tennis basketball combines the game-play of basketball with table tennis equipment. You would also need a couple of Styrofoam or plastic cups and some duct tape. You can tape the cups at the opposing ends of the table tennis table, so that they remain in place. The objective of the game is to shoot the ball into the cup which is on your opponent’s side. You can make your own variations to the rules and point system to suit the number of players and their skill level.

Table tennis hockey

Table tennis hockey requires you to roll up the net of your table. You would also need a set of hardcover books or any other such objects that can be used as obstacles. The table tennis table would have to be set up as a rectangular hockey rink with the books as walls. Leave gaps at the middle of both ends of the rink which can serve as the goal. You can use a ping pong ball or a crumpled ball of paper as the puck and something light and thin, like ice cream sticks, as hockey sticks. Though the game may not improve your table tennis skills, it is definitely very entertaining to play!

Both these games can be adapted to suit different players. You may even come up with some innovative rules and point systems which would make scoring even more challenging. In the excitement, make sure that you handle the table tennis table and other equipment with care, as it is not designed for anything else other than table tennis. At the same time, involving your entire family, children and adults, for a new game on the table tennis table would be a great idea!

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