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Air Hockey tables have very little friction, making the puck move extremely fast. A sound attack strategy helps you win games quickly by keeping your opponent under pressure and maintaining a high pace of the game. This guide will tell you some basic strategies that you can employ while attacking your opponent in air hockey.

1.Read your opponent: You can get a lot of clue about the strategy that your opponent would be using by looking at how he handles the mallet over the air hockey table. If he holds the mallet using a claw-grip, he would be more comfortable with defense. Check for opportunities of a good strike so that you can use an attacking shot.

2.Vary pace: Keep changing the tempo of the game as you are playing. This would make your opponent unsure of your next move, an advantage that you can use with a surprise attacking shot. Varying the tempo also gives you the opportunity to find your opponent’s weakness which you can then exploit during the game.

3.Maintain the pressure: The pace of an air hockey game makes it difficult for most people to keep up. Keep attacking your opponent relentlessly until his defense breaks down. At the same time, be patient enough to reposition yourself before every shot.

4.Use both sides of the air hockey table: Most players tend to prefer banking off one side of the air hockey table. As the game progresses, your opponent would be better able to predict the position of the puck and might use your preferred side against you.

5.Try and master different types of offensive shots: Once you master different types of attacking shots, you would be able to bring more variety in your attacking strategy, effectively making you a more formidable opponent.

While using attacking shots on the air hockey table, try to improve your defensive strategies too. Improved defense moves help you gain possession of the puck better, which complements your attack strategies perfectly. In the end, becoming a well-rounded air hockey player is always better than having a favorite strategy.

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