The games played on a pool table such as 8-ball pool, snooker and carom billiards, essentially use the same skill set, and players are required to have exceptional control over their arm and wrist to hit an accurate shot. Due to the amount of practice required to master pool playing techniques, many players suffer from repetitive motion injuries which can become a chronic problem if not dealt with properly. The following guide will help you avoid injury while playing a game on the pool table.

Using the right equipment:
Cue sticks come in different sizes and weights because they allow players of different physical abilities to enjoy a fair game on the pool table. Some amateur players believe that using a heavier cue stick gives them the ability to hit more powerful shots, but it strains their wrists more than necessary when trying to make accurate shots. Use the right equipment when playing pool to ensure that you do not injure yourself.

Using the right techniques:
Playing pool with the wrong techniques dramatically increases the strain that is applied on the wrist, as it needs to adjust for the awkward technique to provide the necessary strength and flexibility. Hold the pool cue stick with a grip that does not have too much tension in your forearm so that the impact with the cue ball does not harm the player.

Using restraint:
Many pool players injure themselves because they forget their training during the “heat of the game”. Ensure that you practice only the right techniques so that you do not use awkward positions when you are under pressure. Also, practice for a set amount of time regularly so that your body gets used to the repeated moves.

Remember that even over-practice can harm the wrist. The best thing to do if you are feeling sore, stiff or if you are experiencing pain, is to take proper rest until you are fit enough to practice on the pool table. By paying proper attention to the health of your arm and wrist, you can make sure that your game is not compromised by any injuries.

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