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A pool table can be used by a variety of people who may be quite careless with it. Spilling food, drinks or other such things onto it would spoil the surface and alter the gameplay experience, if it is not cleaned properly. Even if you take good care to not spill anything on the pool table, dust and dirt would accumulate with time. It is required, therefore, that you learn proper techniques to maintain it, so that it would last you longer and your pool table games would be much more enjoyable.

Use a pool table brush

This is an inexpensive tool which you can purchase from your pool table manufacturer. It is a simple hand-held brush which has longer bristles around the edges and shorter ones in the middle. You may brush the railings before you start with the surface of the table as the dirt would fall on the surface, saving you time and effort in cleaning it again. While you are brushing the surface, ensure that you are brushing towards the pockets.

Vacuum gently

Once you are done brushing, use a vacuum cleaner on low-power to clean the surface and each pocket. Use a flat nozzle for the surface and a long, thin nozzle for the pockets to make the cleaning more effective.

Clean spills with warm water only

Any sort of spill needs to be cleaned immediately as the stain will become stronger with time. Make sure that you do not use soap as it would leave a visible mark on the surface. Warm water and a soft, absorbent cloth is enough to get rid of the stain. Make sure that you do not press the cloth or rub it to clean the spill. Instead, place it on the spill to let is absorb it, then wash the cloth with warm water and keep repeating the process.

Other parts of your table, like wooden sides and pool table legs also need to be maintained regularly. You may use wood polishes and other such products which you can purchase from your pool table manufacturer to improve its lifetime.

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