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Pool is a game which is enjoyed by people of all ages, making pool table games a popular sight in bars, game rooms and other such social areas. It requires a good amount of skill and dexterity to be a good pool player. The most basic part of improving your pool table game play is to learn how to hit a cue ball properly. Small changes in the angle of the cue and your stance can have drastic effects on the strike, so it is important to get things right. This guide will help you understand the most effective method of hitting a cue ball.

Choose an appropriate cue

Cues come in different lengths and diameters to suit different players. People with smaller hands need to choose a shorter cue which would be more in ratio with their hands. The important thing is to pick a cue that feels most comfortable to use. Make sure that there are no loose parts and that the tip is not too worn.


You would be holding the think end of the cue with your dominant hand while striking, so your feet should mimic that position when you are preparing for a shot. The non-dominant foot should be placed about two feet ahead of your dominant foot, and you must lean towards the table, with your head in line with the cue to allow better aiming. Try to keep the cue as parallel to the table as possible.

Hand position

Your non-dominant hand would provide direction to your shot. You would need to hold the cue at a spot close to centre of gravity of your cue, so that weight is evenly distributed on both sides. Create a circle with your index finger and thumb and place the cue in it, above the middle finger.


Once you have taken aim, try and hit the cue ball at the centre, so that the force is transferred properly. Also, instead of hitting a quick strike, try to push the ball gradually faster, to make sure that it does not jump.

Your game would get better with a lot of practice with different opponents. When playing with experienced people, observe their stance and position to get a better understanding of smooth strikes.

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