Foosball tables see many players with varying levels of experience execute attack and defense moves which are popular in international tournaments. The worldwide appeal of the game has lead to many people purchasing Foosball tables for their own game rooms so that they may enjoy a game with family and friends.

Out of the many attack shots that are possible in Foosball, the “snake shot” is used very widely. This shot makes it difficult for the opponent to predict the direction of attack, therefore making it hard to set up fool-proof defense. This guide will help you improve your chances when facing an opponent who seems to have mastered the snake shot.

Calm down

It is very important to not get flustered when you miss a shot o when your opponent scores against you. The performance of your hands depend upon your state of mind. If you are antagonized, you would make quicker reactions to any move made by your opponent. This generally works against you as you would over-compensate for every fake shot that your opponent makes, giving them many goals.

Change the rhythm of your play

Most Foosball players have a certain rhythm of movement and strikes. This pattern is quickly recognized and exploited by opponents, as they are better able to predict the speed of your reactions and the reach of your moves. Instead, use different speeds during your match which would make it difficult for your opponent to time a snake shot at the appropriate instant.

Slow down

Speed is the main factor on a Foosball table. Yet, there are many huge advantages to slowing down your gameplay. Your moves become much more deliberate and accurate. It becomes much easier to time your shots accurately defend oncoming shots. It is possible to defend a fast shot like the snake shot by keeping an eye on the ball and moving smoothly to defend the gaps.

Foosball, like any other sport, uses many different strategies and counter-strategies. A good player would not depend too much on one aspect of a game as this would sacrifice some other aspect, giving opponents the opportunity to exploit the weakness. Practicing all moves over and over again would eventually improve your dominance on the Foosball table.

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