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Air hockey games depend on the air hockey tables being properly functional and clean. An unclean table would not only make the puck move slower, it would also change the dynamics of the game if the air holes do not function like they are supposed to. Air hockey table maintenance includes keeping the motor and lights in good condition, and keeping the surface of air hockey tables smooth and clean.

The maintenance of air hockey tables would guarantee enjoyable gameplay, while improving the lifespan of the equipment. If you have purchased a new air hockey table, this is one aspect that you should not ignore, even if it is not being used as much as you anticipated.

Keeping the surface clean

The surface should be kept clean to keep the puck moving fast. Using a window cleaner or a glass cleaner is useful in this case as it gets rid of the dirt that may have accumulated over time. Alcohol, (isopropyl alcohol) is also a great alternative. Ensure that the table motor is turned on so that the cleaner does not go into the air holes. You can put the product on a clean cloth so that it is not directly on the surface.

Do not use wax-based polishers, or anything similar, on the surface of the air hockey table as it would clog the air holes. Unclogging the air holes needs to be done once every year or so. It can be done by using pins or drill bits depending upon the size of air holes.

Preventing problems

Part of the maintenance of air hockey tables is to prevent damage to it. Drinks should never be placed on tables, as any spill is sure to block the air holes or even damage the motors. Purchasing side shields would help deter people in this regard, and also help keep the puck in the table during gameplay.

It is generally a good idea to not clean the table rails, as the dirt on this part helps the puck bounce off better instead of flying off the surface of the air hockey table. Leaving the rails out of your cleaning would eventually give a better performance and better gameplay.

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