How to Find a Good Table Tennis Club

If you love to play table tennis and you do not have the means to set up a table tennis table in your home, there are a number of clubs where you can join and play regularly. In fact, you are better off playing at a club simply because you can meet people and improve your skills while at the same time make friends and learn a lot. If you are seriously considering joining a club it only makes sense that you find the right one as there are literally thousands of clubs out there for you.

Here are a few tips that will help you do just that


While there are bound to be some clubs near where you live, they may not be the best choice. Keep in mind that the biggest clubs are not always the best and the small ones may not be a bad choice. In fact, small clubs will normally be eager to take new members. Search for a few clubs, do some research and you are sure to find one that fits.

Consider the distance you have to travel each time you want to play. If it is too far, you are likely to skip out on games frequently. One that is a nearby, in such a case will trump a much better club that is far away. The important thing here is that you actually play.


How big is the club? If there are too many people crowding around the tables waiting to play, it is not worth your time. There’s no point in sitting on the bench more time than you would at the tables. There has to be sufficient tables in the halls.


Cramped halls are not only hard to play in, but they will also be a deterrent to improving your technique. You should be able to get better at the game every time you play, experiment and learn, none of this is possible if you have no space between the table tennis tables.

All of this set aside, cost is a major factor to think about, set a budget and stick to it.

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