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How to Start a Pool Hall

Pool and billiards are addictive. Once you get playing, it is hard to stop, more so if you start getting good at it, you just do not want to stop. That is one of the reasons why pool halls make it big, there needs to be a specific place and a pool table to practice on. If you have ever thought about starting one, it could be one of the best decisions you make and you may end up making a good amount of money. Pool halls are a mainstay in many joints around the world and here is a quick guide to help you start on up.

Who are you targeting?

Before you start buying tables, it would do you good to begin looking out for who you think will be your target customer. Are you going to have a hall with a number of tables in where people can just walk in and play or will there be a registration and members only space? What is the age group you want in your hall?


Pool tables can run up your costs. They are expensive and getting supplies, replacement parts, maintenance, and things like cues, balls, table tops, and other things like lights all have to be considered. In addition to this comes the rent, salaries for the staff and other overheads. Make sure you have a strong financial plan before you get into the business.

Market research

Does the locality already have a pool hall? If it is there, can you really build one that will draw crowds away from the established place? What do you have that they don’t and how can this be marketed? If there is no real competition, you will have to put together a hall that makes a good impression, so that you will have a strong word of mouth and people begin to take note of you.

You need to be up to date if you want to continue in the industry, there are bound to be new developments in the field and new pool table related tech will crop up, be be aware of them.

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