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How to Hit a Follow Shot on a pool table

The follow shot is one of the three basic shots in pool, and is one of the easiest to perform. A successful follow shot occurs when the cue ball continues to roll in the same general direction even after it has made contact with the object ball. Despite its simplicity, it can be very useful in a game of pool.

The technique

A follow shot occurs when the cue ball has a strong top spin. In order to induce a forward spin to the cue ball, the cue stick needs to strike a little above the center of the cue ball. By increasing the force you use in the strike, you can generate a stronger forward spin and make the cue ball continue to move forward even more.

The stroke

The cue stick would have to be as level as possible when hitting a follow shot. Ideally, the stick should be parallel, but this would not be possible as the butt of the cue stick should have some clearance from the rails. Also, it is recommended to aim no more than half or one cue spot above the center of the ball because it is easy for the tip of the cue stick to slip and cause a miscue.

Aiming a little to the left or the right of the ball will give the top spin a slight swerve and this would make the ball behave differently when it makes contact with the railing or with an object ball. It is always best to start off by aiming towards the very center of the ball so that you have a better judgment of cue position in future shots.


It is possible that the player may see the cue ball jump during a follow shot. This occurs because there is a downward component of force that is applied by the cue stick, and it cannot be completely negated. To reduce the amount of jump that the balls see in a follow shot, try to keep the cue stick as level to the pool table surface as possible and control the speed of the strike.

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