How to Move a Pool Table

A pool table is a very heavy piece of furniture, with some of them weighing well over a couple of tons. Although this depends upon the size and the material used to construct a pool table, most of them tend to be very difficult to move once they have been placed securely in your room. The following guide will help you move your pool table around.


First you need to make sure that the place where you plan to keep the pool table should be cleared and the path towards it should be wide and spacious enough to allow you to pass through. If you need to move the pool table across the same room, you would not need to disassemble it. But if you are going through doors and other such narrow structures, it is best to get professional help.

You may also need the help of a few strong friends, maybe three or four should do. You would also need to use four wooden dollies which should be cushioned so that it does not harm the wooden pool table.


First, combine the efforts of your friends to lift one of the longer sides of the pool table so that two legs of the table are off the ground. Quickly slide one wooden dolly under each of the legs and lower the pool table gently onto them. Ensure that you lock the wheels so that the dollies remain stationery. Repeat this process on the other side of the pool table.

Once all the legs of the pool table are on their individual dolly, unlock the wheels of each dolly. Ask one friend to hold each side of the pool and gently roll it to the desired location. Make sure that nobody pushes or pulls too hard or too quickly, as the pool table becomes much harder to navigate when it gains some momentum.

Last word

Ensure that you your friends arrange themselves in such a way that their strength is evenly distributed on the pool table. It might seem tempting to tilt the pool table to get it through doors and narrow passages, but this is very dangerous and can end up causing serious harm to you or your friends. Not to mention, you might also end up damaging the pool table significantly. It is best to leave these jobs to a professional who would do a thorough job of it.

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