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How to Hit a Side Spin on a Table Tennis Table

Table tennis games have evolved to employ a large variety of techniques and strategies. The standardization of dimensions and weight of equipments like table tennis bats and table tennis table gives players the opportunity to use these elements in their strategies. Moving around the table is generally considered to be a little more difficult as compared to hitting the ball as it requires the player to focus on the edges of the table tennis table as well as the placement and speed of the ball.

Using spins

Spins are used to make the table tennis ball move further away from the opponent, or behave differently after the bounce. Novice players may find it harder to face a player who has exceptional skills in spinning the ball even when the pace of the game is comfortably slow. As the path of the ball undergoes a change after the bounce, players are pressurized to act quickly, resulting in more mistakes.

The side spin

The side spin in table tennis is used to make the ball move to the left or right after it has made contact with the table tennis table . This useful technique can be used to make opponents move from one side of the table to the other, increasing the chances of mistakes or misses. The side spin is performed by swinging the bat to the side, instead of towards the opponent, when it comes in contact the ball. When the bat is moved towards the right, the ball would bounce towards the right side and vice versa.

Depending upon the direction of your spin, you may use either the backhand or the forehand while you are hitting the ball. You would need to start the move by holding the bat at the side of your body and then move it across to the other side in an arc. A well placed side spin would keep the ball just out of reach of the opponent after the bounce, although you can use many variations of this technique to improve your game.

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