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Installing a Pool Table Cloth

The pool table surface or pool table felt has the most effect on the behavior of the balls in a game of pool. A pool table felt which has not been properly installed may have bumps or creases which will alter the direction and speed of the ball on certain areas on the pool table. Pool games quickly become uninteresting when players realize that their skills are being wasted on overcoming the obstacles that the pool table felt gives. This guide will help you to correctly install the pool table cloth.

Before you put the new pool table cloth:

It is important to measure the surface of your pool table so that you can purchase one which is of the correct size. The pool table felt may be attached by glue or staples. You need to carefully remove the felt in such a way that it does not damage any other parts of the pool table. The slate of the pool table would be visible after you remove the felt. You can use this opportunity to clean and level this foundation of the pool table so that the equipment has maximum longevity.

Follow installation instructions:

Most of the pool table cloths in the market come in the form of a large piece of cloth with the instructions of how to cut pieces that would fit each part of your pool table surface. You can use a sharp tool like a box cutter or a pair of scissors to cut the pieces of the right dimensions. The label on the cloth will tell you which side needs to face up on the pool table.

Start at one end and avoid wrinkles:

Once you roll out the pool table cloth on the surface, start attaching the cloth from one end of the pool table. You would need to use a specialized adhesive to glue the cloth if the table cannot be stapled. Either way, ensure that there are no wrinkles formed on the surface.

Small imperfections in the pool table cloth can affect the behavior of the balls which are in play. If you are unsure of installing the pool table cloth all by yourself, it is always best to use the help of a professional.

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