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How to Hit the Backhand Sidespin Serve in Table Tennis

Backhand sidespin serve is a type of advanced serve in the game of table tennis. The idea of this serve is to restrain your opponent in the game to make a powerful attack when you give a serve. Usually such a serve forces a weak return from the opponent that is attacked in the third ball. Ideally, a small portion of backspin is applied on the tennis ball. The player who makes such a serve wants that his opponent should think that a higher degree of backspin exists on the ball, though that’s not the actual case. This will result in a weak return and is much higher compared to what the opponent had planned.

Here are the steps for hitting a backhand sidespin serve while playing table tennis:

1、Stay close to the table tennis table

You need to position yourself quite close to your table tennis table
first. Keeping a low stance, ensure that you are ready for the serve by keeping your wrist loose. You must also make sure that your arms are kept loose.

2、Throw your ball upward vertically

Your ball should be thrown upward and vertically so that it is at a minimum distance of 16 cm over your head once it goes away from your hand.

3、Wait for the tennis ball to drop

Wait till the ball drops and with a little sideways as well as forward action, the tennis ball should be hit with the help of your racket. You must ensure that your stroke is quite short and there is minimal body movement. Use your wrist for a fast action to strike your tennis ball so that the ball experiences maximum sidespin.
In order to hit this serve you must ensure that your last 3 fingers that are on the hand of the racket are loosened so that your racket can move more freely when you are hitting the serve. This way you can also use different variations of spinning while hitting a backhand sidespin serve. Moreover, this particular service can be hot from the backhand corner of a server though it is a common practice to hit the serve from a table tennis table
’s middle line.

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