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How to Give a High Toss Serve in Table Tennis

A high toss or an advanced serve is one of the major techniques for mastering the table tennis game. You will be able to have a fabulous advantage while starting to play for a point. But before you master the art of a high toss serve, it is important to be perfect with how to have a proper grip on your table tennis racket. You should have also mastered over the basic techniques for playing table tennis. If you want to be perfect in the game, you need to be proficient with various advanced services so that the speed, direction and spin of the ball can be disguised easily. To master a high toss serve you should be expert in making use of your wrist properly.
Here are a few variations that can be used for giving a high toss serve:

1、Short backspin serve

Your opponent can have a tough time in using an attacking stroke when you play a short backspin serve. To play this serve you must stand close to the table tennis table
and maintain a low stance. While your wrists should be loose make sure that your arm is relaxed. The tennis ball should be bouncing on that side of the table tennis table
where you are playing. Make sure that it bounces for a minimum of 2 times at the side of your opponent.

2、Backhand sidespin serve

The options of your gaming opponent are reduced in terms of which shorts you will play when you would be applying the short backhand sidespin serve. Thus there are chances of your opponent giving a weak return. Again, you have to stay quite close to the table tennis table
and maintain a low stance. Your wrist should be kept loose and keep your arm relaxed. You must ensure that you are throwing the ball at least six inches vertically above after it leaves your hand. As the ball drops, with a slight sideways and forward action use your racket to hit the ball. The stroke should be as brief as possible and make sure that movement of your body is minimal.

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