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Foosball is a very competitive game and in order to keep winning at it, there are several strategies and tactics that you need to employ on a foosball table. However, one thing that many players forget is that there is a strong mental aspect to the game. If you’re not mentally prepared for a foosball challenge, there is no amount of physical preparation that can guarantee a victory.
Here are a few tips to help you out.
Don’t Let Mistakes Get To You
One of the worst things you can do is overreact to your mistakes. For instance, if you miss a five man pass, don’t go “Oh [insert expletive of choice here]” and smack your head or look up to the gods above. The time you spend doing that is enough for your opponent to go for an instant wall. In other words, it’s a distraction and will only make things worse. Keep your eyes on the game, no matter how bad it gets.
Channel the rage into your follow up strategy. Concentration is the key to success here.
Do Not Berate Your Teammate
Never, under any circumstance, criticise your partner, especially during the game. Of course, it can be very tempting to do so when your partner does something really foolish. However, it’s still a bad idea. Shouting or yelling at them only makes things worse and it won’t fix the mistake anyway.
Instead, try making positive suggestions. This will help your partner focus better and encourage him/her to come up with an agenda.
Foosball is all about confidence and unnecessary criticism only interferes with that.
Be Confident
As mentioned in one of the above suggestion, confidence is very important for the game. However, your confidence needs to be concentrated. Being just confident isn’t going to get you anywhere. At best, you might get a little lucky.
On the other hand, concentrated confidence will ensure that you stay focused on every single execution. Even a single mis-execution can make things go south pretty fast.
Similarly, concentration alone isn’t enough. Your executions may be good, but are you really pushing things? Well, concentration with confidence can change that. But, how do you gain confidence? The answer to that is the oldest one in the book – practice, practice, practice.

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