How to Improve Your Chances of a Jumpshot in Pool

When playing pool, even if you are not aware, the cue ball usually leaves the table and bounces vertically depending on the stroke, pressure and angle you used while hitting it. Due to the existence of rails on pool tables , the butt of the cue is usually slightly raised. If the cue is raised when you are striking the ball, then what you are in fact doing is to strike down at the ball. Such an action causes the cue to jump on the table at an angle equivalent to that with which you initially struck the ball. Since both the cue ball and the cloth on the table are designed to be resilient, the resulting force causes the ball to compress a little before it jumps up.

In order to lower the trajectory of the ball, you would need to lower your stick so that the angle you strike in does not cause a higher jump. But for an elevated jumpshot – the opposite is true. The higher you elevate the angle of your stick, the higher will be the angle at which the cue ball is struck, causing it to jump higher as a result. The main factors you need to consider to improve your jumpshot is the angle of the stick, how hard you strike the ball, the overall quality of the shot you aim to make and the quality of the stick. Essentially, if the shot you intend to make is high and short, then simply elevate the angle of your stick so it makes a steep angle. If you want the ball to jump higher, then shoot proportionately harder. In addition to how you shoot, your stance is also an important component in executing a successful jumpshot. Not only should you be balanced and comfortable, but you must find a good stance angle that helps you employ your desired shot. Additionally, you must also be aware of the grip on your stick. For a better jumpshot, use a lighter grip. Now all you have to do is steady your grip on the table using your fingers for better support if you need to. Now angle, aim and focus your eyes as you try to hit the center, or slightly below the center of the cueball.

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