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How to Perform a Forehand Lob in Table Tennis

The lob in table tennis is a defending move played at a distance from the table. It is used when your opponent plays a shot that makes you retreat and increases the distance between you and the table to return the shot. Usually a forehand lob is easier compared to a backhand lob, so you may find that your opponent may try harder to force you to use a backhand lob instead of a forehand one. The basic intention behind using this shot is to use an elongated topspin striking movement which leads to the ball traveling in the form of an arc that reaches high and lands near the end of your opponent’s side. The high arc this shot uses, forces the ball to take more time to reach the opposing side, and this gives you extra seconds to regain your position. It also makes it difficult for the opposing player to counter with a strong smash and forces them to move back from the field, giving you time to return with a winning shot. A successfully executed forehand lob is most likely to grant you a winning point.

To execute this lob, first use your ready posture slightly at a distance from the table. If you are right handed, the foot on the left side should be slightly ahead of the foot on the right side and vice versa. You should now rotate the right shoulder first backwards and then in a downward direction so that your racket reaches the height of your knee. The best time to strike the ball is when it is around the height of your waist, bit depending on the shot you are countering you may need to improvise. If you are too close to the table when the shot arrives, you should hit it once it reaches a height above your waist. Aim to hit the ball in vertically until when the racket is at the height of your head. It is also important to remember that a situation when you are away from the table makes it easier for your opponent to get the point if the lob is not perfectly executed. But if you want to succeed at table tennis matches, a forehand lob is a powerful ally to keep in your arsenal.

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