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A successful draw shot in pool is when the cue ball hits the object ball and rolls back up the pool table towards you. The shot is generally considered to look impressive, and can also sometimes be quite useful in a game of pool. The guide will show you what you need to do to execute a good draw shot:

1.Aim below the center of the cue ball:Aiming right at the very center of the cue ball will generate a stop shot. To perform a draw shot, try and aim below the center. Ensure that you do not use too much of force as this would make the cue ball jump.

2.Keep your grip loose: Your wrist and your grip needs to be kept loose as this allows you to have a better follow-through. In fact, it is better to cradle the cue stick with your fingers instead of gripping it hard.

3.Keep the cue as level as possible: Although you are holding the cue stick loosely, do not let it sway as you hit the cue ball. You would not need much force when striking the cue ball, so you would need to find that perfect balance between too much power and not enough power.

4.Do not pull away too quickly: Do not pull the cue stick back too quickly after your cue stick has made contact with the cue ball. This makes the contact too sharp for a good draw shot to happen.

5.Practice with the object ball close to the cue ball: Adding distance between the object ball and the cue ball makes it harder for the cue ball to have enough energy to roll back towards you. At first, practice with small distances and keep increasing the distance as you get the feel of the shot.

Performing the draw shot is more about technique than about power. With enough practice on developing your stroke and follow-through, you would be able to naturally perform a flawless draw shot on the pool table.

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