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A successful jump shot in pool is when the cue ball jumps up from the surface of the pool table after it is hit by the cue, and manages to land and stay within the pool table. If the cue ball leaves the pool table surface, it is, like for any other shot, a foul. This guide will show you what it takes to execute a jump shot.

1.Use the correct cue stick: A jump shot requires a hard strike on the cue ball at a difficult angle. The cue stick that you choose should be light and it should have a hard tip so that you can strike the cue ball well.

2.Stance: The stance of your feet would be similar to what you would use when playing normal shots, except you would need to position your upper body higher than usual, which brings your feet closer to each other.

3.Positioning: The angle of the cue stick should be higher than 45 degrees with the pool table surface, as it is a foul if you strike below the center of the cue ball for a jump shot. The back end of your cue stick should be elevated, and the tip should be aimed downwards towards the center of the cue ball.

4.The strike: Your grip needs to be relaxed and your wrist should not be too tight. The strike should be quick and sharp, after which you must pull back on the cue stick to avoid hitting the pool table surface.

5.Practice: Aiming is much harder while performing a jump shot. With adequate practice, you would be better able to judge the amount of strength speed required to execute a good jump shot.

Jump shots need to be performed with caution in pool games as there are very specific rules surrounding it. Also the possibility of the cue ball jumping off the pool table makes it dangerous to perform in places like bars and restaurants which may have breakable glass in the immediate environment. A good idea would be to practice extensively before you try to hit a jump shot in a pool game.

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