How to Perform the Backhand Lob in Table Tennis

A lob is a powerful move that can help you change the tide of the game completely in your favor. But the backhand lob is a little harder to execute than its more favored partner, the forehand lob. The most important thing to keep in mind when using this lob is your objective in executing it. A lob is essentially a shot that uses a long topspin stroke action which will ideally cause the ball to travel in a high arc before landing at the base on your opponent’s side of the table. Such a move will not only give you more time to return to a posture of your preference, but it will also make it difficult for your opponent to return with a smash. Remember that a shot, especially a lob that lands near the net on your opponent’s side can be easily returned with a powerful smash, making it easier for them to win the point.

In order to execute a backhand lob, if you are a right handed player, place your right foot slightly ahead of your left foot and vice versa. Now lower your dominant playing hand downwards and close to the side of your body. Your backswing should be employed with your racket below the ball during one of two specific times. Look for when the ball is either at a location where it is between your legs or to the left side of your body as times when you can employ the backhand lob. Now lift your bat vertically using a brushing topspin when you hit it. Aim to hit the ball when it is around the height of your waist and follow the shot in a vertical direction until it reaches the height of your head. The backhand lob needs far more practice than its forehand alternative, but it is a shot worth understanding. Remember that there might be occasions when your opponent will try to force you to play this shot as it is more difficult than the forehand lob. Knowing exactly how it works and how to execute it perfectly can help you force the flow of the game distinctly in your favor. While lobs can be fickle in a game requiring to you use them multiple times to get a successful opening, the backhand lob is a surefire way to improve your chances of winning at table tennis

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