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How to Perform the Basic Table Tennis Serve

There are various kinds of serves in accordance to the level of expertise the player may possess. However, the basic serve is generally a very normal serve approach by an amateur. However, the basic moves are the same.
The aim of the table tennis player while performing a serve is to hit the ball with the bat and ensure it bounces on their side of the table as well as the opponents’ side of the table. The two sides are divided by a net, this make it easy to understand the division.
For instance, during the serve, the player must ensure that he keeps the ball very close to the bat and angles himself properly. The player must angle himself in a complimentary position to the table which would allow him to carry out the serve perfectly.
The service is the only time during the game wherein the ball will bounce twice on the table. During the rest of the game the ball will be stuck to ensure that it directly bounces on the opponents’ side of the table.

Some of the basic rules of a table tennis serve

1. The ball must be hit by the bat only behind the end line of the a table tennis table This means that the player can strike the ball for a serve from behind the end of the table which is closest to him. Serving the ball closer to the net, even though it is on the servers side of the table, is considered a foul.
2. The ball must be resting on the palm of the hand, facing upwards before the serve.
3. The ball has to be lofted about 7-8 inches off the palm of the hand before it is struck. The player must then strike the ball mid-air as part of the serve.
4. While serving, the player must be careful to ensure that he strikes the ball from behind and not from the ball head. He must also ensure that he is able to make the serve as fast as possible. He should also try to maintain a minimum bounce which could just clear the net. This will make the opposition play tougher.

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