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How to Perform the Short Backspin serve in Table Tennis

The short backspin serve is considered to be an expert-level serve in table tennis. Even though the serve has been carried out by various people, mastering this type of serve requires a fair amount of practice. The concept of a backspin serve, is to serve the ball by striking it in such a manner that it spins backwards towards the person serving it. The reason to do so is in order to confuse the opponent about the ball trajectory. The confounding ball trajectory makes it very difficult for the opponent to counter the spin of the ball and to play back the serve.
The backspin serve requires a player to strike the ball in a different manner. For example, when the player strikes the ball for a serve, he must ensure striking the ball in a particular place and manner. The ball must be struck in the underbelly area. This means that the ball must be struck in its bottom surface area. However, merely striking the ball isn’t enough. It must be struck in such a manner that it brings out a spin in the ball while it gets in contact with the table. The ball will spin always spin in accordance with the way in which it is struck.
Due to the complexity of the backspin serve, the most important part of it is to generate speed. The manner of serve of the backspin makes it very difficult to implement in the right speed.

The basic rules to follow for a successful backspin serve

1. The player must ensure that the ball is struck by the outer circle of the bat instead of the center. The reason behind this is because, the outermost circle of the bat is spinning faster which would enable the ball to travel faster and further too.
2. The ball must be served from behind the end line of the a table tennis table towards the players end.
3. The ball must be rested on the palm of the players hand and must be lofted in the air while striking it.

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