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Have you ever played a game against a more skilled table tennis player, and as soon as you move too far from the table tennis table, your opponent makes the ball land so close to the net, that it becomes impossible to reach? Then you have been the victim of a well-executed drop shot. This shot is mostly used as an attacking shot and it is very deceptive because of the very little power it takes to perform such a hit.

The drop shot takes advantage of the opponent’s distance from the table tennis table, and the time and effort it would take most players to approach the net, to deliver the ball just out of reach, even though it is well within the play area. The best part about it is that it can be performed by people who do not have too much experience in playing table tennis games.

1.The opportunity: The drop shot needs to be used only when your opponent is standing away from the table tennis table. This would happen when he is preparing for a powerful shot, or when the speed of the game is quite fast.

2.The stance: It requires minimum force, but a good anticipation of ball position in delivering a good drop shot. You would need to move in towards the table tennis table as soon as your opponent has played, and keep your upper body low towards the face of the table.

3.The shot: The objective is to deliver a slow ball, so your wrist must be kept loose. That way, you would absorb most of the energy of the oncoming ball before it rebounds on the table tennis bat. The bat should be angled to provide a strong top spin which will make the ball bounce quicker.

You may practice the shot enough of times before you try it out on your opponent. Ensure that you do not overuse the drop shot, as your opponent would be able to predict the position of the ball and easily counter this attacking shot.

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