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Foosball games are seeing many strategies and maneuvers of increasing levels of difficulty due to the popularity of the game and its acceptance as an international sport. More and more people are purchasing Foosball tables to use in their homes and game rooms, which gives rise to many more enthusiasts and experienced players.

While facing off against an opponent over a Foosball table, there are some moves that a beginner can use to gain a wider variation in their strategies and improve the chances of winning. This guide will help you perform the bank shot, which is one of the very popular shots that players use.

1.The set-up: The primary necessity for a bank shot to occur is to have the ball placed at the side of the feet of a Foosball man, towards the opponent’s goal. This can be employed on either the offensive or defensive rod, although these shots are harder for the opponent to predict when performed by the defensive rod. The ball should not have any lateral motion, so that the shot is accurate.

2.The shot: The bank shot is performed successfully when it hits one of the walls and goes into the opponent’s goal. You would need to judge the direction of the ball after it hits the wall, and ensure that your opponent is not defending that side of the goal. When performing the bank shot with your offensive rod, you can surprise the opponent who is not defending the post closest to the ball.

3.Practice: The main area of your practice would be focused on controlling the ball and bringing it as quickly as possible in position for a bank shot. The speed and accuracy of your shots are very important as your efforts would be wasted if the ball is not aimed towards the goal.

Make sure that you do not over use any single type of shot against an opponent, as most people would quickly adapt their gameplay, and develop a strategy to use your favorite shots against you. It is best to practice a variety of different attacking and defending maneuvers which you would be able to use against different players.

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