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How to Play Golf Pool on a Pool Table

There are many different pool table games which can be played using pool equipment. A combination of golf rules to the pool table gives an interesting game which can be enjoyed both by amateurs and professional pool players. This game requires no other equipment other that which would normally be available with a pool set. Cue sticks, 15 object balls, a cue ball and a pool table should suffice.

The rules of the game

Each pocket on the pool table is numbered clockwise in series, from one to six. The players are supposed to pocket their balls in the ascending order of pockets. The first one to pocket one object ball in each of the six pockets wins. This needs to be played individually, and the players can choose a particular numbered ball as their personal striker.

The shooter would begin his or her turn by placing the cue ball in the D area or the surface of the pool table behind the head string, depending upon the variations in rules. The object ball is placed on the foot spot, and the shot towards the first pocket is taken. If he or she manages to pocket it, the object ball returns to the foot spot and the player would try and shoot it in the second pocket. This continues until he or she misses a shot, after which the next player begins his or her turn.

Each previous player’s object ball remains on the pool table after their turn. All players would have to begin their turn by placing the cue ball behind the head string or the D area, but all all consecutive shots of that player would have to be played from wherever the cue ball comes to rest on the pool table .

Scoring and fouls

You need to hit your own object ball first in each shot, and it has to go into the correct numbered hole, else it is a foul. Knocking any ball off the pool table is also considered to be a foul. You would either have to pocket the object ball or touch the cushion with the object ball or the cue ball after they contact, else it is a foul. The game ends when a player scores in all six pockets.

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