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The standard light weight of the ball in table tennis makes it perfect to use spins to increase the complexity of the game. All experienced table tennis players are masters at not only imparting different types of spins, but also returning the shot without jeopardising the game. Top spin being one of the most popular spins in table tennis, it is imperative to learn how to return a good top spin to increase the chances of dominating the table tennis table. The following tips will point out ways to counter the top spin:

Understand the spin:
The top spin is used to make the ball spin in the direction of motion, making it accelerate and drop faster due to air resistance. To return a top spin you need to first identify when your opponent has used it, and simply looking at the ball does not help as it gives no clue to the direction of spin. When you opponent uses an upward stroke action, it imparts a top spin.

Choose closed racket to stroke or block:
Once you have identified a top spin, you need to decide the appropriate response depending upon your current position around the table tennis table and your relative strengths and weaknesses. A closed racket angle is helpful in countering a top spin if you plan to block or return a loop stroke, but a defensive chop will require an open racket angle.

Mirror the opponent:
The easiest way of countering any sort of spin is to mirror the move of your opponent. Therefore, a top spin is best countered with a top spin. Although this strategy is not very effective against experienced players, it will train you towards reading your opponent’s movement with more accuracy.

Remember that a ball is still spinning even after it makes contact with the table tennis table. Which means that your aim would have to be adjusted to counteract the effect of the spin. With some practice, you will be able to counter the most popular spins and force your opponent to a defensive play.

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