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Pool table games are a blend of skill and strategy, and more often than not, when you are playing against an equally skilled opponent, you will find that a few smart moves will give you a substantial advantage. The following tips will point out ways you can trap your opponent and catch him or her off-guard while playing a game, without breaking any rules, of course!

Think about your opponent’s move:
The first step in coming up with a good trap is to imagine what your opponent will do after your turn is done. A good trap is executed when your opponent does not have much choice of shots or they are forced to choose between a very risky shot and a foul. The objective of this strategy is to be in control even after you have played your turn.

Eliminate the chances of executing a jump shot:
Experienced players are generally able to execute more accurate jump shots, which means that while trapping them, you need to not only consider straight shots and kick shots but also jump shots. The ultimate goal of trapping is to leave no chance of survival for your opponent so that you can dominate the pool table.

Play against your opponent’s weaknesses:
It may not be possible to execute perfect traps for all your games. The second best option is to identify the weaknesses of your opponent and force them to use those moves in the game. For instance, if your opponent has a high chance of missing kick shots, cover all his object balls with your object balls and make it impossible to hit a direct shot.

Most professional players use elaborate defence strategies including trapping and safe play, that makes them formidable players regardless of the expertise and experience of their opponents. With some time and effort, you will not only be able to execute more effective traps over the pool table and increase the number of pool table matches you win but also be better at avoiding traps.

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