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A good table tennis player is able to not only attack effectively and score points, but also hold his ground against a superior player. Defensive strategies are just as important as attacking move to be able to dominate over the table tennis table, and they help improve the chances of your victory. The service in a table tennis game is one of the most unpredictable moves to defend, especially if you are playing against an experienced person. This guide will help you successfully return a short serve in table tennis:

  1. Positioning:

The basic objective of a short serve is to get the ball to bounce twice on your side of the table before you have the time to reach it. To be able to successful reach the ball, you would have to quickly move forward and reach with your paddle by leaning over the table tennis table. If you are right-handed, you would need to move in by putting your right foot forward.

  1. Opportunities:

Once you are able to move close enough to the ball, you have one of three alternatives to return the shot: A short push executed right after the ball has bounced pressurizes your opponent to react quickly, a long attacking push gives speed to your return and puts your opponent on the defensive while a flick shot can deceive your opponent with a good spin.

  1. Variations:

Although you may practice your speed of approaching the table tennis table as quickly as you can, make sure that you vary your shots to dissuade your opponent from building tactics. Try and use your return shots to force your opponent to fall back on shots which lie outside their comfort zone. For instance, a long return can be used against players who are not good attackers, forcing them to play a weak attacking shot which you can exploit.

While you practice your return shots, pay attention to your leg work. During a short serve, you will not only need to move in quickly but also move away from the table tennis table immediately after you have played your shot.

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