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The pool is a game of finesse; you would have to pay attention to the nuances of the game if you want to improve the chances of your domination over the pool table. Due to the popularity of pool, we see people trying the game out on pool tables at bars, restaurants and public game rooms. If you are serious about improving your technique, you will need to ensure that you are not making some common errors. Given below are the mistakes that amateur pool players might commit.


  1. Gripping the cue stick tightly


The cue stick should not be gripped tightly while performing a stroke, as it gives an abrupt impact on the cue ball, making it spin and travel differently than what you would expect. Ball control is dramatically enhanced when you hold the cue stick loosely. In fact, many professionals hold the cue stick so lightly that if they were to reduce the grip anymore, the cue stick would slip off the hand.


  1. Playing only a single type of game


A pool table supports a large variety of pool games including carom billiards, 8 ball, snooker and many others. Some people believe that by playing a single type of game, you will achieve expertise in it faster. But any game of pool requires a large set of skills which cannot always be tested and explored by playing a single type of game over and over again.


  1. Using different cue sticks


Each cue stick handles differently. So every time you pick a new cue stick, you would spend most of your time trying to adapt to the change in weight, balance, size and cue tip, instead of trying to improve the accuracy of your shot. The best way to solve this problem is to purchase a personal cue stick.


By reducing the number of mistakes you make on the pool table, you stand a better chance to score against your opponents and win more games. Most importantly, pool needs to be approached as a mental game than a game of physical ability. As you think about new strategies and shots, you will design your practices around them, pushing yourself as a pool player.


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