Maintaining your pool table is an important part of ensuring your investment ages impeccably over the years. Following a simple guide will help you achieve this.

Wood surfaces can be easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth; you can also use this soft damp cloth to clean the leather pockets of your pool table. Use a brush to clean the felt after every use, lightly stroke the cloth brushing head to toe of the table. On occasion run a vacuum over the felt making sure you only use upholstery attachments to ensure no damage is made to the felt.

Always have your pool table covered with a pool table cover when it is not in use. Before you begin your game check that all your cues have their tips, a cue with the ferrule exposed can tear the felt. If you find that you are not happy with the position of the table you should never attempt to move the table it is leveled for this exact position. Also sitting, climbing or lifting the table can put the table out of level.

When packing up always make sure your cues are returned to a cue rack that holds them in a vertical position to prevent warping. Keep your accessories such as your balls and cloth clean with the appropriate cleaners designed for the materials.

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