Make Better Use of Your Time on the Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey professionals dedicate a lot of their time to practising their shots and strategies over the air hockey table. Amateur air hockey enthusiasts may take inspiration from them and spend hours over the air hockey table every day. By making better use of your time over an air hockey table, you will make your practice sessions more productive. Given below are some ways that you can improve your practice sessions:

Schedule your time:

Instead of aimlessly striking the puck over an air hockey table, decide to build your skill on specific moves. To make sure that you have a well-rounded approach to the game, create a schedule and stick to it. Dedicate a certain amount of time only to practice a particular shot and focus on increasing accuracy before you increase the strength of the shot.

Categorise your practice sessions

Practice sessions should not merely be a physical activity. Air hockey games are extremely fast and as you play against better players, the pace of the game is bound to get faster. It is not enough to react against your opponent’s shots, but analyse them and play against their weaknesses. For that, you need to categorise your shots into offensive and defensive shots and incorporate both in your strategies.

Ask a better player

Although you may be well aware of your weaknesses, asking a better player can give you insights about your stance, tactics or techniques which you would not have identified otherwise. Ask your opponents about where they think you need to improve. And more importantly, dedicate some time in your schedule to work on those shots!

Above all, be open to learning new tactics and practising them whenever you can. It gives you plenty of advantage when you are playing against a serious opponent, as you will be able to mix your moves and make them unable to predict your strategy. And when you do play, make sure you play against opponents who are better than you. You might lose the game, but you will definitely learn a lot more than you would have otherwise!

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