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There are a higher number of players in table tennis players who specialize in attack strategies than in defense strategies. When you are a beginner, chances are that most of your games would be played against people who have excellent attacking maneuvers. It makes sense because it takes lesser time to win by using a good attack strategy in table tennis. This guide will help you when you are facing an attacker over a table tennis table.

1.Change placement of the ball: Attackers have a tendency to use a lot of power in their strikes. The placement of the ball becomes very important for such shots, so try and hit the ball at different angles to make it difficult for them to hit.

2.Hit down the middle of the table tennis table: Your opponent may find it harder to hit powerful strokes when you hit the ball towards the middle, as they would have to move far out of the way to prepare for a powerful shot.

3.Focus on their footwork: Most people may be good at delivering high-speed shots but will find it difficult to reach for the ball when it is hit on alternating sides. Make your opponent move around a lot as this would make them focus on reaching the ball instead of attacking properly.

4.Change your tempo often: This is a great tactic to use against any kind of table tennis player as they are better able to strategize when there is a comfortable pattern. Ensure that you keep changing the pace of your game so that your opponent would have to adapt continuously.

5.Attack: Instead of waiting for your opponent to strike hard, attack first and bring them on the defensive. It is a good idea to keep them under pressure for longer than they can sustain their defensive play.

As with any other strategy in table tennis, you need to practice against many different opponents to see which strategies suit you best. As your serves and footwork become more and more fluid, you would be able to employ a wider variety of moves with better efficiency.

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