Whether you have been invited around for a night of pool on your mate’s new billiard table or are having a game on your local clubs pool table, pool table etiquette is something you should always bring along to the game with you.

Let’s take a look at the basics for pool table etiquette;

Don’t put your drinks on the table, a spill can cause many damages to the table and felt and can also interrupt the game. Never stand in somebodies line of sight, this can be very distracting to someone’s shot. Always keep the noise to minimum in order for the opposition to concentrate making unnecessary noise can be considered very rude during a game of pool. Once the game is over or when a break is taking place return your cue to the cue rack provided, leaning a cue on the wall can cause it to warp or cause somebody to trip. Congratulate your opposition and show good sportsman ship when the game is over. Showing basic table etiquette will ensure that will you be invited around for the next game.

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