Air hockey uses a frictionless surface as the play area, which can push the pace of the game to blinding speeds. Players are often forced to move and react without adhering to any concrete strategy as a delay of a few microseconds can cost them the match. Using any trick shot when players are under such pressure will yield great results if they are executed properly. Given below are some of the popular trick shots used over the air hockey table.

Intentional bad aim: Although most players will almost always aim towards the goal, more experienced players are able to aim towards a clear section of the opponent’s back wall, away from the goal, just for the sake of disorienting the opponent. The puck rebounds from the wall, and if you have executed it properly, it will come back to you allowing you to perform an attack.

Drift shot:
The drift shot involves pushing the puck lightly first, and then following it up with a powerful, precise shot. This shot is very popular amongst advanced players as opponents find it hard to predict the direction and timing of the attack with a drift shot.

Fake shot:
Once your opponent is able to read your body language, you can use it to your advantage by making it seem like you are aiming towards one spot on the air hockey table while you are aiming elsewhere in actuality. A simple concept, but very effective in such a fast paced game.

All trick shots involve a high degree of puck control, so you will need to invest a considerable amount of time practicing the basic moves before you use any of these. Also, remember to use trick shots irregularly and infrequently so that your opponent cannot predict your moves.

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