The table tennis racket is a personal weapon of choice that has a major influence on the effectiveness of your game. The style of your gameplay should be complemented by the type of racket you choose, and a good choice can work wonders over the table tennis table. As rackets are made from materials like plastics, rubber and wood, you need to take proper care of it so that it provides excellent performance for a long time.

Racket case
The primary protection for your table tennis racket is a racket case or a racket cover. A simple, good quality racket case helps protect your rackets against external damage such as dust, rain, sunlight and even keeps it safe against spills.

Earlier, it was okay to use cleaning products to maintain the rubber of table tennis rackets. Most table tennis authorities have now banned the usage of such products as it was noticed that players who use it have an advantage. In fact, even chemicals that simply clean the rubber surface are now not meant to be used by professional players as they are supposed to use rubbers as they were originally tested. However, such chemicals are. All your cleaning should be done with a soft cloth and some water.

Handling the table tennis racket for a few games gradually damages the surface of the bat. The rubber slowly loses friction and you can notice the effects when you find it harder to impart a spin over the table tennis table. Cleaning it once every week or so, depending upon the frequency of your usage, will help keep the rackets in top shape.

The rubber of your racket is soft enough to be damaged by sharp or heavy objects. After you have cleaned your rackets, it is best to keep them safely inside a racket case. Also ensure that nothing is kept over the racket case when the rackets are inside as it can cause some depression on the rubber surface. With proper care, you should be able to maintain your racket in its original form and dominate over the table tennis table.

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