An air hockey table has become a common sight in game rooms, bars and social rooms. The fast pace and intuitive rules of the game make it easy to understand, but hard to master. Purchasing an air hockey table, however, can be a daunting task. The popularity of the game is met with many options and features in air hockey tables. The following features will make it easier for you to zero in on the right one for you.

Adjustable legs
To ensure that most people can use the air hockey table for an enjoyable game, you will need to look for adjustable legs. Any minor problem with the level of the air hockey table can affect the path of the puck and make it float unpredictably.

Six Feet in length
The length of the air hockey table is an important aspect not only to see if it fits properly in your game room. A long air hockey table gives players more opportunity to use a variety of shots like bank shots and double bank shots, augmenting the experience.

Powerful air blower
The air blower is the main component of an air hockey table as it keeps the puck floating above the table’s surface. Cheaper tables generally use an air blower of a lower capacity which can lift smaller pucks, but such blowers will find it hard to handle bigger and heavier pucks that are used by adults.

Electronic scoring
An automated scoring system helps to make a game fair for both players. Air hockey tables come with a wide variety of electronic scoring systems that include simple ones to elaborate, overhead systems. Side mounted scoring systems help save space if you plan to use the table in a small room.

In the end, make sure you pay attention to the rating of the air hockey table. The highest rated air hockey tables are made for competitions and the moderate ones make for excellent additions to amateur game rooms or home models. Also, look for places close by where you can repair the table, or replace parts, in case you need to in the future.

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