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Tools you need
Screw Driver (Manual will do) / Tape Measure / Spanner / Plier

Parts you receive:
A Bag of Bolts and Screws
Shaft with Lock Hole H10B *2
T-type Leg H9B *4
T-type Leg H9A *4
Shaft H10A *2
Shaft H1 *4
Shaft H19 *4
L-shaped Border H14 *6 (2 long & 4 short)
Tray H13 *8
Corner H16 *4
Wheels H11 *8
Folding Lever H18 *4 (Please note 2 for left side; 2 for right side; BBAA)
Paper Instructions
Table Top *2 (Front, Back)
H7, H8

You will have four with the same procedure.
The same to the other side
Tight up bolts
You will have two with the same procedure
A, H3A, H3C,H4,H6

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