Once you have invested in your pool table it is likely you are going to invest in a good cue stick which can wind up costing several hundred dollars and like all investments you will want to protect it.

The easiest way to protect your cue is to always keep it in a cue when it is not in use. Keep in mind that a cue is made of wood and wood warps. Don’t ever leave your cue leaning against a wall for extended periods of time and don’t store your cue in areas such as the boot of your car, the garage or by a window where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures.

The Tip will require the most attention, although it seems small and harmless, functionally it is one of the most important elements to your cue. The tip on your new cue has more than likely not been properly shaped yet. File down the edge of your tip using 200 or 400 grade sand paper. Be careful not to make the tip too round as this affects the impact you have on the ball during the game. Your tip will need to be reshaped every month or so.

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